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Eat ALL fruits and vegetables!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Yes, eat ALL fruits and vegetables!

Do you ever wonder what you should be eating?

What's "best" for your health?

If you should be eating peas, potatoes, or tropical fruits like banana, mango and pineapple?

Maybe you heard they're "full of sugar" or some other hyperbole that made you a little scared to pick up what used to be one of your favorites.

As my clients know, I want to make eating healthy easy and delicious.

So, my general recommendation is to eat all fruits and vegetables (unless of course you have health issues that restrict some foods).

Don't worry about which ones you're eating; focus instead on eating a variety!

Did you know that different colors of fruits and vegetables provide different vitamins and nutrients?

For example, fruits and vegetables that are orange provide vitamin C for your immune system and beta-carotene for eye health. Green fruits and vegetables have vitamin K which is needed for blood and bone health.

We teach kids to "Eat the Rainbow" because it's fun for them, and I like to remind adults this as well: Eat the rainbow and you will be getting the variety of nutrients that your body needs.

Don't worry about the starch or sugar content. Enjoy the mango! Eat the peas! Have a banana!

And remember: Less stress helps create better health. If you're stressed about what you're eating, your body isn't able to optimally digest the food and absorb the nutrients from the food.

So let's get rid of stress around food, and enjoy those fruits and vegetables!

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