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Mindful Holiday Eating

And just like that, we are in the middle of the holiday season! Holidays can mean fun family gatherings, festive decor and tasty treats. With all the sweet indulgences at every table, it may seem impossible to avoid them completely.

And luckily you don't have to! It may take some practice, but you can enjoy the deliciousness of the holidays and not throw everything out the window.

How? Try the tips below to bring mindfulness to your holiday meals: 1. Deep breaths Stop and take a few deep breaths before you eat. This will get you into a rest and digest state while also helping your brain to communicate with your gut to know if you are truly hungry, and when to stop when your body is satiated.

2. Use your senses

Use your five senses to truly appreciate your food. Pay attention to how the dish looks, how it smells, if you hear it crunch, the texture, the taste. Slowing down to savor what you are eating will give you much more pleasure and satisfaction as well as prevent overeating.

3. Eat until satisfied Before having seconds or finishing your plate, ask yourself, "Do I need more?". If the immediate response is something like, "Well, I could have more.", that means you're satisfied! Yes, you could have more, but then you'd be full afterward. You'll know if your immediate response is that you're still hungry or you're full. This one can really take some practice, and there will likely be times that you choose to eat more even when you know you're satisfied but the first step is being aware of how you feel which is still a win.

For more ideas on how to mindfully indulge this holiday season, read my blog post,

"Healthy Holiday Cooking and Mindful Indulging". Incorporate some of these ideas into the festivities this year! I hope you have a happy holiday filled with good company, delicious food and no guilt!

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