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Healthy eating has been important to Jenny throughout her life, carrying on habits she learned from her parents who entered the health food industry when whole wheat bread was an anomaly.
Following her roots, Jenny became a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant in 2013 through Bauman College in Berkeley, CA. Having been raised on what people often referred to as "food that tastes like cardboard", Jenny is passionate about sharing how food can be good for the body as well as the taste buds!
In addition to her private practice, Jenny facilitates the CDC's national Diabetes Prevention Program, leads wellness seminars with Kaiser Permanente, and provides corporate wellness services.

About Jenny

Nutrition counseling helps you find which foods help your body to thrive, and which foods don't. Everyone is different, which means that the food they thrive on, how much and how often, will be different as well. There is no one diet that works for everyone. In my practice, you use guidelines tailored to you and your health to explore what foods make your body feel healthy and alive.


I also take into account your lifestyle: Do you like to cook? Do you have time to cook? Where do you eat lunch? Who do you eat with?
What is your food budget? Again, everyone is different and your lifestyle will of course affect your food choices.


How's your sleep? Physical activity level? Stress level? Because these also affect your food choices as well as overall health.


Nutritional Counseling is helpful for:


1) Foundational health

  • You feel like you've gotten off track and may feel sluggish or exhausted, have digestive issues,
    and/or feel like you can't go on feeling how you do any longer.

  • There's so much information out there and you don't know what to believe, what diet to follow etc.

  • You want to take control of your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the future.

  • You feel like you're addicted to sugar and want to feel in control.


2) Therapeutic health

  • Digestive issues              

  • Inflammation 

  • Weight management           

I work with all dietary choices and limitations. I create a flexible meal plan that is tailored to your health goals, lifestyle and likes/dislikes. Helping you to find what actually works for you and your lifestyle is the key to making changes become long-term habits so that you can feel healthy,
in control and vibrant.

  • High cholesterol 

  • Blood sugar (prediabetes)

  • Blood pressure support

About Nutrition Counseling

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