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Take your health and vitality into your own hands!


Complimentary Consultation

In this 15-minute consultation, we will discuss your health needs and
how I could support you to reach your goals.


Vitality Jumpstart Program

In this self-paced, 4-week program, you'll get started on a new path full of energy
and overall well-being as you get rid of what's weighing you down.

Are you ready to create a new foundation with realistic, sustainable habits?

Private Sessions (Virtual)

Your needs for a happy, sustainable life are personal and unique. We'll work together to identify your current health baseline, and to determine your lifestyle desires, taking into account your personal preferences. We’ll work with healthful adjustments that you can easily incorporate into your life for long-term, sustainable change.


Many of the concerns we deal with are symptoms of underlying issues, which we can work toward healing, correcting imbalances such as weight issues, along the way.

What you’ll get:

  • Meal plan and recipes tailored to you. I’ll introduce fresh, healthy foods that are also tasty and simple to prepare!

  • Food and lifestyle recommendations to empower you to form new, healthy habits

  • Interactive food journal to keep you on track and motivated

  • Email guidance to complement our sessions


You’ll be able to use the information learned to continue on the path of optimal health!


Corporate Wellness

I offer corporate wellness options to fit your needs:

  • Private mini-consultations

  • Lunch & Learn webinars such as Mindful Eating, Stress Resilience or Healthy Holidays

These can be combined for your wellness week or tailored to your company for a wellness program.

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