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Products I Love

Clients often ask me for products and services I recommend. Quality products and your health are important to me. I only suggest things I eat, drink and use myself. Below is a list of items and services you can feel good about.



This water filtration system removes many more contaminates than your average pitcher filter while keeping natural mineral content intact.

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Thrive Market

Healthy and delicious groceries and brands you find in the store at a fraction of the price, all delivered to your door.

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Fully-prepared, great-tasting, organic & low-FODMAP meals delivered to your door!

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Real Plans

An on-going custom meal planner for all diets, schedules and tastes.

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Good Eggs

An online farmers market that delivers fresh and quality products to your door.

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Order professional-grade supplements that are pure and fully vetted.

Click here to shop and place an order.


100% grass-fed, fermented beef sticks & pasture-raised turkey sticks with no preservatives!

Click here to shop and get $20 off your first order. 

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