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How do you eat dessert?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

This week I'm returning from about a month of wedding prep, celebrating and honeymooning.

I got to revel in the magic of it all, and now I'm back! As we planned the wedding, we of course had to have dessert! So what did the nutritionist have at her wedding? First I'll start with, as my clients know, that I enjoy a good dessert. But I mean a good dessert that's worth eating... That draws you in and makes you pause to appreciate the taste and texture. Not just another cake that you're gobbling down as you chat with your friend and hardly notice what you're eating. My husband is from Argentina so we had traditional alfajores, which are chocolate-dipped cookies with dulce de leche sandwiched in between. We got them made locally with gluten-free flour. We also had bite size cheesecakes, locally made as well (no preservatives needed). Yum! Additionally, both of these were bite size. That's the other key with dessert, usually just a couple of bites will satisfy you, if you're really paying attention. So what's your favorite dessert? Do you sit down and enjoy it, really enjoy it? Or do you eat it out of boredom or because of a stressful day? A teacher once told me that you can eat dessert as often as you're willing to make it from scratch. Bakers aside, most of us would probably be eating a lot less dessert if we followed that rule. So the next time you're about to have dessert, ask yourself: Is this dessert worth it? Will I really appreciate this treat, or am I eating it just because it's there?

If it's really worth it, go ahead and enjoy it! You'll probably only need a few bites.

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