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Eat Red for Heart Health

Did you know that eating red foods can support your heart's health?

Mother Nature knows what she is doing! She offers us a plethora of beautiful red foods to add vibrancy to our plate and diet. The red color acts as a great reminder that they are also great for heart and blood health.

So, what are some of these red gems? Here are some of my favorite red foods that support heart health:

Beets – This root vegetable may not look pretty but under its thick skin lies a deep red-hued jewel. They can be eaten raw (think grated into a salad) or cooked (roast them for an earthy, sweet taste). The deep red color comes from a set of pigments called betacyanins, which have been shown to fight cancer. They are also high in naturally occurring nitrates which help relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to muscle tissue.

Pomegranates - The antioxidant, anthocyanin, is found in many red fruits and is one of the many heart-healthy nutrients found in pomegranates. Studies have found that pomegranate juice can improve blood flow in patients with heart disease, and prevent the hardening of arteries, also known as atherosclerosis.

Pink grapefruit – Citrus fruits, in general, have a high number of antioxidants, including flavonoids. Eating flavonoid-rich foods has been known to reduce blood pressure and stiffness in your arteries that leads to better blood flow.

Red grapes - Like grapefruit, red grapes pack a nutritional punch! The darker or redder the skin, the more antioxidants it contains. Most notably, they have high levels of anthocyanin and the flavonoid resveratrol, a powerful duo, making red grapes an all-star heart-healthy superfood.

Raspberries - Oftentimes strawberries get the spotlight but raspberries deserve the same amount of love. Raspberries are a rich source of the flavonoids quercetin and gallic acid, both of which have been shown to play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Quercetin is powerful in protecting against blood vessel disorders including atherosclerosis and other circulation conditions.

Looking for a way to boost your reds with a mouth-watering smoothie? Try this nutrient-rich recipe.

Berry Beet Smoothie Bowl


· 1 Beet (medium, peeled and diced)

· 1 cup Frozen mango

· 1 cup Frozen raspberries

· 1 tbsp Pitted dates

· 1 tsp Schisandra berry powder

· 1 cup Unsweetened almond milk


  1. In your blender or food processor, combine the beet, frozen mango, frozen raspberries, dates, schisandra berry powder and milk. Blend until smooth and thick.

  2. Transfer to a bowl and add toppings. Enjoy!

A nutrient-dense diet and active lifestyle are your best tools to fight heart disease. Red foods are great for blood health but don’t forget the other colors of the rainbow as well! Each provides essential vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies to thrive.

If you are interested in building a custom diet and lifestyle plan that supports your health goals, set up a free 15-minute consultation with me today to learn more!


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