Addressing Our Relationship With Food

Life is busy. There seems to always be something we need to check off the list. When it comes time to eat, we want it to be a mindless and easy process. Many of us feel so disconnected from the food we eat. We often bypass what our bodies and spirits really need in favor of an easy take-out dinner in front of the TV. This leads to eating mindlessly and not feeling fulfilled when we finish what is on our plate. Have you ever noticed that you feel hungry soon after eating in front of the TV? That's because you didn’t truly sit to connect and enjoy the food.

This behavior not only impacts us but those around us as well. In the work that I do, when we want to correct eating issues with kids, we don't first address what they're eating, we instead focus on how they're eating: ideally in a positive setting at the dinner table with family. This can of course be applied to adults as well!

What does this look like? Here is a good framework to get you started!

  • Create a dinner ritual – Who is setting the table? What time are you eating? Who is responsible for cleanup? Get everyone involved!

  • Have a plan – What’s for dinner? Make a meal plan for the week, or even every few days, and post it for all to see so everyone can get excited for a tasty dinner! This also helps with motivation when the default might've been ordering take-out.