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Getting Over Sugar Cravings

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

We are officially out of the holiday season and in full swing of the new year. As magical as the holidays are it tends to be a time of tasty treats and endless decadent food choices. That can lead to eating more sugar than we typically would.

Sugar is addicting. If you have ever eaten a sugary treat you know this. It can be hard to go back to your normal sugar intake after a sweet holiday season. Luckily, I have some tips on how you can get over your sugar cravings.

First things first, remove temptation. The easiest way to avoid grabbing the box of cookies is if the cookies are not even in the house to begin with. As the saying goes, out of sight out of mind!

When those sugar cravings creep up, grab nature’s candy! Eat a serving of your favorite fruit or have a mixed fruit salad. Berries are a great lower-sugar choice and are full of antioxidants.

Not in the mood for fruit? Complex carbs are also a healthy way to curb those cravings. Oats, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and winter squash are all delicious and healthful. You can add a fat like ghee or olive oil to help you stay satisfied longer as well.

Staying well-hydrated is important so our bodies can carry out critical functions like cell-to-cell communication as well as digestion and keeping joints lubricated. Studies also show that staying hydrated prevents overeating and helps you feel satisfied. When your tummy feels satisfied, you’ll be less likely to eat that slice of cake.

It’s important to balance your fat, protein, and carbohydrates throughout the day. Did you know that when we are craving sugar it can be a sign that we need protein? When those cravings start, grab a handful of nuts & seeds, or a fruit/nut combo like an apple with nut butter. It may even be a good idea to increase your protein portions during meals until the sugar cravings subside.

January is a month full of hope and resolutions. Don’t let sugar cravings get in the way of you going after your wellness goals! If you need some extra support to get you on track schedule your FREE consultation with me to see how we can tackle your goals together.


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