Sleep for Better Health!

Catching adequate ZZZZ’s every night is important for overall health. Studies show that a good night’s sleep can improve your mood, help you eat less and even exercise better. On the other hand, poor sleep has been shown to have a negative effect on hormone balance and brain function. I am sure we have all had days where we didn’t sleep well and it led us to be crabby and eat sugary treats to keep us going throughout the day.

Sure, we know we need quality sleep but how do we get it? If you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep you are not alone. Sleeping issues have been on the rise over recent years. Let’s look at ways you can improve your sleep so you can wake up feeling your best!

Sleep routine

Routines are helpful for many aspects of life and that includes sleep. Create a relaxing and cozy sleep routine lets your body and mind know it’s time to wind down time. Decide what time you want to be in bed and build your schedule in reverse. Then you know what time you need to start your bedtime practice. What does a routine look like? Play around to see what works for you. A warm bath or shower, reading a book, an evening meditation and a cup of sleepy-time tea are all wonderful options.