Winter Self-Care & Immune Support

Updated: Jan 28

Winter is here and that means sweaters, gloves, and cozy nights. With the change of season and the shorter days, it can be easy to feel run down if we don't adjust accordingly. There is plenty you can do to avoid the winter blues as well as make sure your body feels energized. Self-care is a big part of staying strong this time of year. Taking care of your health through diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management is a big part of preventing getting sick.


Winter is filled with tasty treats and we tend to indulge a bit more than normal. That’s okay!

It’s important to enjoy the season while being mindful of what and how much we are putting on our plates. For more on how to indulge mindfully check out this blog post.

Eating too many of those sugary sweets can lower your immune system’s ability to fight off sickness and protect you. Did you know that sugar decreases the ability of your white blood cells to fight infection by 50%? This effect lasts for several hours!

Eating whole foods will help boost your immune system and provide balance with the treats of the season. Some examples are: