Taking Care of Yourself Shouldn't Be a Luxury

You have heard the safety spiel when your flight is getting ready to take off. Put your phone in airplane mode, keep your seat in the upright and locked position and stow your bag completely under your seat. The cheerful attendant also gives us one very valuable life lesson. In the event of loss of cabin pressure, put on your oxygen mask before helping others.

Why? Because you can't help anyone else if you yourself are not safe and well.

The issues I work on with clients go far beyond what they put on their plate. Often, clients are so busy caring for others and making sure their needs are met that their own care goes by the wayside. In other words, they aren’t putting on their oxygen mask first.

Of course what foods we put into our bodies and which nutrients we personally need for optimal health are of utmost importance, but if we don't address making our own wellbeing a priority, how can we expect our bodies to thrive? Taking care of yourself should not be a luxury – it should be the norm.

Self-care doesn’t mean that you don’t care about others. Sadly, it can often be interpreted as selfish by others or even ourselves. However, self-care is crucial for overall health and well-being... physically, mentally and emotionally. So often we feel obligated to give all our time to work, errands and tak